Pet Boarding

Pet Boarding LaSalle

Windsor Veterinary Professional Corporation owns three wonderful facilities to bring your family pets to. But, when it comes to pet boarding in LaSalle, there’s no better place to keep your pet while you’re on vacation than LaSalle Animal Hospital. Because their boarding facility is right on the hospital premises, your furry friend will still have close access to the veterinary team. Whether you need pet boarding in LaSalle for a day, week, or anything in between, consider bringing them to LaSalle Animal Hospital. It makes up a wonderful part of the Windsor Veterinary Professional Corporation.

Our Pet Boarding Amenities

When you bring your dog or cat for pet boarding at LaSalle Animal Hospital, the following amenities will be provided:

  • A private space that your dog or cat will get all to themselves
  • Cozy and comfy bedding accommodations
  • Food provided by us, unless your furry friend is on a special diet (if so, bring that food along with them)
  • The same meal times that your pet has at home so their schedule isn’t disrupted, and that they feel more comfortable boarding with us
  • Our staff always being on hand to provide your dog or cat with plenty of love and affection
  • Dogs will be walked several times a day and get plenty of exercise and time outside to play and exert energy

What you Need to Know

To keep your family pet and others safe, before boarding with us, there are a few requirements you need to follow:

  • All dogs and cats must to be up-to-date with their vaccinations so they are protected from potential diseases, and so other boarders are also protected
  • All boarders must be on a routine heartworm, flea, and tick preventive (those that aren’t currently on preventives are given a flea treatment before leaving)
  • If your dog or cat is not a patient of record at LaSalle Animal Hospital, we will need copies of all of their records before boarding

If you’d like to board your pet at LaSalle Animal Hospital, contact us at 519-734-1300. Be sure to book in advance of your vacation date.