Senior Wellness Month


Pets seem to do a lot of things faster than people do, and that includes aging. At around 7 years of age, pets are considered “seniors,” and their health needs change. To bring awareness to the increased needs of senior pets, Clearwater Animal Hospital in Windsor, ON is celebrating Senior Pet Month by offering a 15% discount on all senior pet wellness exams.

Why Senior Pet Care Is So Important

Pets of all ages need health care on a regular basis, but just as with their human counterparts, pets are more at risk for certain health conditions as they age. That’s why more frequent health care is typically recommended. Arthritis, obesity, diabetes, kidney disease, and even blindness are just a few of the health problems that are common with senior pets.

With an annual or bi-annual wellness exam, the doctors at Clearwater Animal Hospital can determine if your senior pet is healthy and recommend treatment if they’re not. The results of these exams also help us determine if laboratory work (senior blood panel, urinalysis, etc.) or other diagnostic testing, such as X-rays, is necessary, since some conditions may not be detected with the physical exam alone.

Another critical part of caring for a senior pet involves diet and exercise. Senior pets may not be as active as when they were younger, so they may be at risk for weight problems if their owners don’t keep an eye on their diet and activity level. Our doctors can provide counseling on any necessary diet changes as well as recommendations for keeping your senior pet as active as possible, to prevent the risk of obesity.

Is Your Senior Pet Due for a Visit?

If your pet is a senior, we encourage you to schedule a wellness exam this month and take advantage of our 15% off offer, in honor of Senior Pet Month. We want your pet to enjoy their golden years, just as much as you do, so book your dog’s or cat’s appointment today!